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On Not Ignoring Augustine

Author’s note:  as I was writing this post, Michelle Obama gave a campaign speech in New Hampshire for Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Instead of her usual stump speech, she spoke primarily about the nationwide conversation we […]

Thoughts on our subfield after the 2016 Coptic Congress

Close to two weeks ago, the 11th Congress the International Association of Coptic Studies concluded.  Every 4 years, some scholars in Coptic Studies gather for a fairly traditional conference. I’ve been going to the Congress […]

Revised article posted

In my forthcoming article, I wrote that comments by Eva Mroczek and Meredith Warren had been deleted from the Evangelical Text Criticism blog in 2014; in fact comments by other people were deleted.  I appreciate […]

On Institutional Responsibilities and on Gender: Final thoughts on the G of Jesus Wife

Image: Dr. Agnes Smith Lewis & Dr. Margaret Dunlop Gibson (the “Sisters of Sinai”) via Cambridge University Library   I’m thrilled that Tony Burke of York University has posted a pre-publication draft of my article, “Gender and […]

On Kindness and Critique:  my thoughts 2 years ago on the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”

Two years ago, my former colleague and all around smart, kind, and funny person Anthony LeDonne invited me to give an interview on the so-called Gospel of Jesus’s Wife on The Jesus Blog. I revisited […]

The Melanias of Late Antique Christianity

This fall, I will have the privilege of seeing a book I co-edited with the amazing Catherine M. Chin appear in print.  Melania:  Early Christianity through the Life of One Family contains articles by an incredible […]

The Power of the “Woman Card”

Friday I traveled to my homestate of Arizona and back to celebrate the life of a woman close to me and to my family, Judge Sarah Dickenson Grant.  Sarah was my mother’s best friend, and her […]