Month: June 2020

Digital Coptic 3 – program online!

The program for the third edition of Digital Coptic is now online. Check out the workshop website for the list of projects, talks and presenters. Please join us for the workshop on July 12 and 13 – participants will receive a Zoom link and password for interactive presentations and discussion, and the workshop will also […]

A bird’s eye view of Coptic entities

Coptic Scriptorium recently annotated its Treebank for entities and will soon use automated tools to annotate all corpora. Entity recognition provides a window into what a text discusses, allowing readers to discover information about people and places of interest found throughout a large number of texts that they could not possibly read exhaustively. The Coptic […]

Entities in the Coptic Treebank

With the release of Version 2.6 of Universal Dependencies, our focus has shifted to handling Named and Non-Named Entity Recognition (NER/NNER) in Coptic data. As a result of intensive work by the Coptic Scriptorium team in the past few months, the development branch of the Treebank now contains complete entity spans and types for the entire data in […]