Month: December 2018

Rebecca Krawiec Featured Digital Humanities Researcher at Canisius

Project participant Rebecca Krawiec, Professor and Chair of Religious Studies and Theology at Canisius College, presented her work with Coptic Scriptorium as part of the Digital Humanities speaker series at Canisius. Her talk, “Studying Ancient Egyptian Christianity in a Modern Digital World,” discussed how the many layers of annotation in Coptic Scriptorium’s corpora enhance research […]

Recent presentations by Coptic Scriptorium team members (post 1 of 2)!

This fall, Coptic Scriptorium team members have presented their work in a number of environments. Research Talk, Georgetown University Linguistics Speaker Series In September, as part of the Georgetown University Department of Linguistics Friday Speaker Series, the project presented a summary of our latest work and our goals for the new NEH Digital Humanities Advancement […]

New features in our NLP pipeline

Coptic Scriptorium’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools now support two new features: Multiword expression recognition Detokenization (bound group re-merging) Kicking off work on the new phase of our project, these new tools will improve inter-operability of Coptic data across corpora, lexical resources and projects: Multiword expressions Although lemmatization and normalization already offer a good way of finding […]