DigiWriMo Week 1: HTML/CSS coding

Every MWF I update my course websites.  For Greek, I post the assignments, since each year, our schedule changes with the class.  Each class has its own pace.  Each year, the students are challenged by different aspects of the language.  So each time I teach the course, the schedule changes. (Introduction to Classical Greek, University of the Pacific 2012)  For Religion of the Pharaohs, I’m also modifying depending on class interests, and I post a study guide.  Though it is an upper division class, most students have  never taken a course on antiquity, before, and the study guides help them navigate what is truly for them a foreign world. (Religion of the Pharaohs, University of the Pacific 2012).  Here’s the html and css code for 11/1-11/7.

Word cloud of html/css coding for week 1 of digital writing month

Running DigiWriMo Word Count:  2042

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