New grant funded for Coptic digital studies

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has approved Dr. Amir Zeldes’ (Humboldt University) proposal for a young researcher group on Digital Humanities at HU Berlin, starting early next year. The project is called KOMeT (Korpuslinguistische Methoden für eHumanities mit TEI), and aims to apply corpus linguistics methods to ancient texts encoded in […] Read More

SCRIPTORIUM September 2013 release

September 23, 2013:  Coptic SCRIPTORIUM has a new release! We have released some new material on the Coptic SCRIPTORIUM site, including: ⁃    new Coptic sayings from the Apophthegmata Patrum in the AP corpus ⁃    more linguistic annotations in the TEI XML download files ⁃    more finely grained bibliographic annotations in the TEI XML download files […] Read More

The end of Digiwrimo

It’s November 30, 11:30 pm, the end of Digital Writing month.  By my own criteria, I didn’t make it to 50,000 words.  I’m at 46k.  Between my SBL presentation, website, grantwriting, Twitter, Facebook, and other digital writing, I’m just shy.  I’m sure if I added in all my email in November, I’d hit 50k, which […] Read More

Digital Grantwriting in Week 1 of DigiWriMo

Since I’m starting a new, big digital project (Coptic SCRIPtorIuM), I spend a fair amount of time scaring up resources.  The first week of November saw one internal funding proposal at Pacific for seed money (fingers crossed)! As the Director of the Humanities Center, I’m also trying to get together funding to attend the DHSI in […] Read More

DigiWriMo Week 1: HTML/CSS coding

Every MWF I update my course websites.  For Greek, I post the assignments, since each year, our schedule changes with the class.  Each class has its own pace.  Each year, the students are challenged by different aspects of the language.  So each time I teach the course, the schedule changes. (Introduction to Classical Greek, University […] Read More

Digital Writing Month: Taking the Plunge

This is a belated post about my first week of Digital Writing Month.  (  I signed up, because I realized lately that between various digital projects (including websites) and grant applications for digital projects, I was doing a lot of digital writing.  I thought I’d see if I’d actually get to 50,000 words. There’s a […] Read More