Spring 2019 Corpora Release 2.7.0

We at Coptic Scriptorium are pleased to version 2.7.0 of our corpora.  The release includes several new documents:

  • several more sayings in the Coptic Apophthegmata Patrum (edited & annotated by Marina Ghaly)
  • additional fragments of Shenoute’s sermon Some Kinds of People Sift Dirt (edited & annotated by Christine Luckritz Marquis, editions provided by David Brakke)
  • Besa’s letter On Vigilance (edited and annotated by So Miyagawa and others)
  • several more fragments of the monastic canons of Apa Johannes (annotated by Elizabeth Platte and Caroline T. Schroeder, digital edition provided by Diliana Atanassova)

All documents have metadata for word segmentation, tagging, and parsing to indicate whether those annotations are machine annotations only (automatic), checked for accuracy by an expert in Coptic (checked), or closely reviewed for accuracy, usually as a result of manual parsing (gold).

You can search all corpora at https://corpling.uis.georgetown.edu/annis/scriptorium and download the data in 4 formats (relANNIS database files, PAULA XML files, TEI XML files, and SGML files in Tree-tagger format).

Our total annotated corpora are now at over 780,000 words; corpora that have human editors who reviewed the machine annotations amount to over 100,000 words.


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