January 2014 Coptic SCRIPTORIUM release notes

We’ve released some additional TEI XML files for our SCRIPTORIUM corpora at http://coptic.pacific.edu (backup site http://www.carrieschroeder.com/scriptorium).

  • All the TEI files have been lightly annotated with linguistic annotations.
  • The metadata has been updated to provide more information about the repositories and manuscript fragments.
  • There are now TEI downloads for every file in our public ANNIS database.
  • All TEI files conform to the EpiDoc TEI XML subset and validate to the EpiDoc schema.
  • The files are licensed under a CC-BY 3.0 license which allows unrestricted reuse and remixing as long as the source is credited (Coptic SCRIPTORIUM).  Linguistic annotations were made possible with the sharing of resources from Dr. Tito Orlandi and the CMCL (Corpus dei Manoscritti Copti Letterari); please credit them, as well.

We welcome your feedback on the TEI XML.  We hope to release more texts in the corpora later this winter or in early spring.


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